Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Corn Tortillas

Once upon a time one of my biggest weaknesses was chips.  Potato chips, tortilla chips and my favorite....Doritos.  I was intimate with the chip.

As we all know, the problem with most chips is the fat added when we fry them in oil.  As usual I have tried to replace the chip with something healthy that I can make myself so I know what is in them.  Turns out I didn't have to look very far.

Corn tortillas have two ingredients.  Masa Harina (corn flour) and Water.  I like to add a third ingredient, baking soda, to give them a bit of a lift but that is optional.  Masa Harina can be found in most large grocery stores in the mexican food section.  The really tricky part for making homemade tortillas is finding a tortilla press.  I looked in about a dozen stores (including larg kitchen and bath chain stores) and was disappointed.  Finally a friend of mine bought me one in Cleveland at Sur La Table.  You can easily get one online and save your gas money.  If you pay more than $20.00 you've paid too much.  Mine is a perfectly wonderful cast iron press that will literally last forever and it only cost $19.95.

Without a tortilla press you can roll out the tortilla dough between two sheets of wax paper but the tortilla press makes this effortless.  I cut a large zipper plastic bag in half and press my tortillas in between the sheets of plastic in the press and they never stick.

Click HERE for the recipe....I just one with a layer of Slow Cooker Refried Beans topped with Black Eyed Pea Relish......Can't be beat!

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