Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Walnut Carob Cookies

Walnut Carob Cookies

A few weeks ago at the local health food store I bought a bag of carob powder. I'm not exactly sure why I did but I did. Chocolate is one of my eating triggers. It's probably my worst. If I eat one candy bar I will generally end up eating several candy bars. I hate it but it's true. So I try to stay away and don't even start. I thought that carob might be different.....but I was having a hard time finding recipes using carob that were also vegan. Then I happened across this recipe and it was perfect! SO easy to make and absolutely delicious these rich, sweet "cookies" (actually a mix of a "no bake" and fudge) will satisfy your chocolate craving without the chocolate. I'm sure you could substitute cocoa powder in this recipe if that's what you have available.

Oh yes and it's flourless so it's also a terriffic recipe for my gluten free friends!
Sweet dreams....

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